US Airstrike Targets Houthi Radar After Wider Coalition Onslaught in Yemen

Sana’a, Yemen: Tensions remain high in Yemen following a fresh US airstrike on a Houthi radar site on Friday, January 13th. This comes just a day after a coordinated attack by the US and the UK against multiple Houthi targets across the country.

The US military described the latest strike as a “follow-up action” aimed at “degrading the Houthis’ ability to attack maritime vessels” in the Red Sea. A US warship reportedly fired missiles at the radar site, but the Houthis say there were no casualties.

This escalation follows an incident on Friday night, where a suspected Houthi missile landed close to an oil tanker in the Red Sea. While no damage was reported, the incident highlights the heightened risk of wider maritime conflict in the region.

Thursday’s coordinated US-UK air campaign marked a significant escalation in the long-running conflict. The strikes targeted facilities used by the Houthis to launch drone and missile attacks, according to both countries. The Houthis condemned the air raids as “barbaric” and vowed a “strong and effective” response.


  • The Yemen conflict has been ongoing since 2014, pitting the Houthi rebel group against a Saudi-led coalition backed by the US and UK.
  • The Houthis have launched numerous cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in recent years, often targeting civilian infrastructure.
  • The coalition, in turn, has carried out airstrikes on Houthi-controlled areas, leading to a devastating humanitarian crisis.
  • The latest escalation raises concerns about a potential escalation of the conflict and further civilian casualties.

Uncertainties Remain:

  • The Houthis’ promised response to the attacks remains unclear, and the potential for further cross-border attacks or maritime incidents is a major concern.
  • The impact of the latest escalation on diplomatic efforts to end the conflict is also uncertain.
  • The humanitarian situation in Yemen remains dire, with millions at risk of famine and disease.

The international community is urging both sides to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. However, with tensions running high and mistrust deep, the future of Yemen remains uncertain.

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