Transparency to be the Foundation of Telecom Regulation, Declares NCC Chief Maida

Nigeria’s chief telecom regulator, Aminu Maida, has committed to making transparency the cornerstone of his leadership.

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) made this promise during a recent meeting with the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani in Abuja.

Mr. Maida, who assumed office in October 2023, stressed that transparency is vital to fostering self-regulation among regulators. “By promoting transparency, we hold ourselves accountable, driving the Commission towards operational excellence,” Maida explained.

The NCC boss also voiced his appreciation for the minister’s adherence to transparency in leadership and commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the opportunity to guide a critical economic sector.

The meeting provided a platform for Maida to share his strategic vision and priorities for the Commission, aligning with the 5-Pillars of the Strategic Plan introduced by the Minister. Emphasising Quality of Experience (QoE) as a priority, Mr. Maida stated, “The Commission will enforce compliance regarding QoE, setting a minimum acceptable standard.”

Broadband connectivity, considered a key catalyst for the digital economy and financial inclusion, is another priority for Mr. Maida. He noted that these priorities align with the Ministry’s 5-pillar agenda.

Mr. Maida also underscored the potential benefits of the 5G revolution and digitisation for the telecom industry, saying that these technological advancements could boost connectivity and create more opportunities.

Efforts are underway to streamline internal processes at the Commission for greater efficiency and responsiveness, including digitising most operations, M Maida disclosed. “We aim to attract more investors to Nigeria’s telecommunications industry, leading to increased Foreign Direct Investments, revenue generation, and employment,” he said.

The NCC’s chief’s visit to the Digital Bridge Institute in Lagos highlighted the institution’s potential to drive a knowledge-based economy, a pillar of the Strategic Plan. He committed to prioritising the Institute’s revamp and retooling to maximise its value. Mr. Tijani warmly welcomed the NCC boss and recognised the regulator’s crucial role in achieving Nigeria’s digital goals. “The NCC is a stellar agency with great quality; our aim is to tap into this quality for the country’s greater benefit,” Tijani said, pledging his partnership in achieving their shared vision.

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