Israel releases 39 Palestinian prisoners after Hamas hands over 17 hostages

Israel says negotiations are still continuing over the hostage and prisoner releases expected today, on the fourth and final day of the current truce.

International efforts are continuing to extend the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas
Israel is offering a day’s pause in fighting for every 10 additional hostages released from Gaza, while Hamas says it is seeking an extension.

As part of the Israel-Hamas deal, 39 Israeli hostages in Gaza have been released so far with 117 Palestinians freed from Israeli jails.

Further lorry-loads of humanitarian supplies entered the Gaza Strip on Monday with food, fuel and medicines being distributed by aid organisations.

Hamas’s attacks on 7 October killed 1,200 people, with about 240 taken hostage.
Since then, Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry says more than 14,500 people have been killed in Israel’s retaliatory campaign.

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