New NCC Boss Calls for Industry Collaboration to Improve Service Quality

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring high-quality telecom services in the country. In a meeting with industry chief executives, the NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Aminu Maida, emphasized the importance of collaboration between the regulator and operators to achieve this goal.

Maida highlighted the growing expectations of telecom consumers, who now view these services as essential utilities. He urged the operators to prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver value for money.

To address quality of service concerns, the NCC plans to increase its focus on compliance with industry regulations and standards. Maida emphasized that prompt compliance is crucial, and the Commission will not tolerate non-compliance.

Broadband expansion was another key topic of discussion. Maida acknowledged the progress made through the Infrastructure Company (InfraCo) licensing but suggested the need for a re-assessment of the approach. He stressed the urgency of expanding broadband access to underserved areas and called for increased investment in this area.

The new NCC boss also emphasized the importance of the operating entities in driving Nigeria’s telecom development. He sought their input on industry issues and expressed a willingness to work closely with them to address challenges and seize opportunities.

Industry representatives welcomed Maida’s consultative approach and pledged their support in fulfilling the NCC’s mandate. They expressed optimism about the new leadership and voiced their commitment to improving the quality of telecom services in Nigeria.

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