Saudi Embassy Clarifies Deportation of Nigerian Citizens

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja has addressed media reports and social media posts regarding the deportation of Nigerian citizens upon arrival in the Kingdom.

The Embassy clarified that the deported passengers did not meet the entry requirements and provided incorrect information to obtain visas that were not applicable to them. These discrepancies were discovered upon their arrival.

The Embassy emphasized the importance of adhering to the Kingdom’s entry procedures and regulations for all visitors. Passengers are advised to thoroughly review the visa requirements before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The Embassy assured that this procedure was not exclusive to Nigerian citizens but applied to individuals from other countries as well.


The deportation of 264 Nigerian passengers sparked outrage and prompted the Nigerian government to seek clarifications from Saudi Arabia. The Nigerian government expressed concern over the incident and questioned the treatment of its citizens.

The Saudi Embassy’s clarification attempts to address these concerns and reiterate the importance of complying with visa regulations.

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