Nigerian civil society group condemns attack on labor leader

The Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room, a coalition of civil society organizations, has condemned the attack on the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, by security operatives in Imo State.

In a statement issued on Friday, November 3, 2023, the Situation Room said that Ajaero was arrested and tortured by security operatives acting in concert with thugs while leading a protest against unpaid salaries and pensions in Imo State.

The Situation Room also condemned the infiltration of the protest by thugs and the beating and dispersal of protesters.

The Situation Room said that the attack on Ajaero and the violence in Imo State are making it increasingly difficult for elections to be properly conducted in the state.

The Situation Room called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate the attack on Ajaero and other peaceful protesters in the state, and to take urgent action to halt the growing levels of partisanship of security forces in the state.

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