Edgar Lungu – Zambian ex-president stripped of retirement benefits

Zambia’s government has withdrawn retirement benefits and privileges from former President Edgar Lungu following his decision to return to active politics.

Mr Lungu lost the presidency to Hakainde Hichilema in 2021, after which he announced his retirement.

After six years in office he left the country facing serious economic issues as Africa’s most indebted nation.

His return to politics sets a stage for a bruising 2026 presidential race.

The former president has already been notified about the immediate withdrawal of his retirement benefits and privileges, according to government spokesman Cornelius Mweetwa.

He said it was clearly stated in the law that former presidents who returned to politics would lose their benefits.

As a retired president, Mr Lungu was entitled to three security officers, a diplomatic passport, three state cars, a furnished house, medical insurance and funeral expenses on his death.

He also enjoyed immunity from prosecution.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Mweetwa said the former leader would now be treated with “equality of the law”, just like any other senior citizen of the country.

Mr Lungu is aiming to capitalise on growing dissatisfaction with the continued economic hardships in the country under his successor.

Civil society groups have also expressed concern over what they described as the “shrinking” human rights freedoms in the country.

While announcing his political comeback last week, Mr Lungu said he was returning to fight for and defend democracy in the country.

He also pledged to save his factionalised ex-ruling Patriotic Front party from collapse. The government has threatened to de-registrar the party over leadership wrangles.


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