Gaza’s only power station runs out of fuel as Israeli siege continues

Gaza’s only power station has run out of fuel, leaving residents without electricity as Israel’s siege of the territory continues.

Earlier this week, Israel announced it was cutting supplies of electricity, fuel, and water to Gaza. This means that Gazans will be relying on generators for electricity, but many do not have access to fuel to power them.

The Israeli military says that hundreds of thousands of troops are near Gaza, ready to “execute the mission we have been given.”

The death toll in Israel from the Hamas attacks has reached 1,200, while more than 1,000 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

At the other end of the country, Israel has attacked Lebanese territory in response to an attack from Hezbollah.

The BBC has learned that 17 UK nationals are dead or missing since Hamas launched its attacks on Saturday.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with millions of people without access to basic necessities such as electricity, water, and food. The Israeli siege is making it even more difficult for humanitarian aid to reach those in need.


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