Niger cuts its budget by 40% as sanctions bite

Niger’s government has been forced to cut its budget by 40% over the impact of sanctions and suspension of aid after the 26 July coup. There are fears that the sanctions may worsen the economic situation in Niger – one of the world’s poorest countries.

In a statement on Saturday, the military junta announced a 2023 budget cut from $5.3bn (£4.3bn) to $3.2bn, although details of the cuts are lacking.

At least 40% of the West African country’s budget support this year was expected to come from external partners.

The coup which ousted President Mohamed Bazoum attracted regional and international sanctions including border closures, frozen assets and halted aid supplies.

The import-dependent country has recorded soaring food and commodity prices and a limited supply of medicines, owing to trade restrictions.

Though the coup received widespread condemnation in the region, there have been several rallies to support the junta in the country. Neighbouring military governments, including Mali and Burkina Faso, also supported the coup.


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