Human Rights Group Criticizes Nigerian Government for Sneaky Return of Petrol Subsidy Payments

The Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) has criticized the Federal Government of Nigeria for its sneaky return of petrol subsidy payments.

The organization through a statement by its Executive Director Ibrahim Zikirullahi accused the government of lacking transparency and accountability and has called for more clarity on the issue.

Despite previously announcing the end of the subsidy regime, reports have indicated that the government has surreptitiously resumed payments.

CHRICED argues that this lack of direction and clarity has caused great suffering for Nigerians, and it is difficult to understand why the government is taking a contradictory stance.

The organization has questioned what is motivating the government’s approach and has called for more transparency and accountability. It has also expressed concern over the return of the cabals who are known to benefit from such subsidies.

The resumption of petrol subsidy payments has sparked outrage among Nigerians, with many accusing the government of reneging on its promise to end the subsidy regime.

The move is seen as a blow to the country’s economy, which has already been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.CHRICED has called on the government to come clean on its subsidy policy and to provide clear guidelines on how it intends to manage the subsidy regime going forward. The organization has also urged Nigerians to remain vigilant and to hold their leaders accountable for their actions.

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