Royal Navy warship leaves Nigeria after boosting maritime security cooperation

Royal Navy warship has left Nigeria after a five-day visit aimed at boosting maritime security cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea.

HMS Trent conducted training with the Nigerian Navy on vessel boarding, search and seizure, and firefighting. The ship’s company also hosted a Maritime Domain Awareness Exchange Programme for senior Nigerian Navy leaders.

The visit was part of the UK’s commitment to working with Nigeria’s armed forces to combat illegal activities at sea, such as piracy and the illegal wildlife trade.

“We can achieve so much more when we work together,” said HMS Trent’s Commanding Officer, Commander Tim Langford. “The integrated training achieved over the past few days will allow our two nations to work increasingly closely in improving maritime security within the Gulf of Guinea.”

The UK High Commissioner to Nigeria, Richard Montgomery, said the visit was a “new phase of cooperation” between the UK and Nigerian navies.

“This reiterates the UK’s commitment to collaborating with Nigeria’s armed forces to deal with illegal activities at sea in the Gulf of Guinea,” he said.

HMS Trent and 42 Commando will now head to Ghana to continue their training activities in the region.


The Gulf of Guinea is a major shipping route for oil and gas exports. It is also a hotspot for piracy, illegal fishing, and other illegal activities.

The UK has been working with Nigeria and other countries in the region to improve maritime security. This includes providing training, equipment, and intelligence sharing.

The visit of HMS Trent is part of this ongoing effort. The training and cooperation between the UK and Nigerian navies will help to make the Gulf of Guinea a safer place.

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