Hong Kong and southern China battle widespread flooding from record rains

Hong Kong and southern Chinese cities are battling widespread flooding as the region endures some of its heaviest rainfall on record.

On Friday, streets and subway stations were underwater in Hong Kong as officials shut schools and workplaces.

The weather bureau said the downpour, which began on Thursday, is the biggest to hit the city in nearly 140 years.

Emergency services said more than 100 people had been taken to hospital and several rescues had taken place.

Pictures from the city on Thursday night showed the torrential rain turning streets into raging rivers, flooding shopping centres and public transport.

Videos on social media showed people climbing onto cars and other elevated platforms to escape the waters, which have risen several metres-high in some areas, blocking off subway entrances.

The city’s cross harbour tunnel, a key route connecting the main island to the Kowloon peninsula in its north, was inundated. The rain also triggered landslides in Hong Kong’s mountainous areas – blocking some highways.


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