Rwanda and Cameroon reshuffle militaries after coups in Niger and Gabon

The governments of Rwanda and Cameroon have reshuffled their militaries in what is believed to be a reaction to the recent coups in Niger and Gabon.

In Rwanda, the government announced on Wednesday that it had approved the retirement of 12 generals and several other officers. The move, which was announced by the Rwanda Defence Force, is seen as an attempt to consolidate power and prevent a coup in the country.

Among those retired are two former chiefs of defence staff, James Kabarebe and Fred Ibingira. Kabarebe is a close ally of President Paul Kagame and has been seen as a potential challenger to his authority.

The reshuffle comes just days after a coup in Gabon, where soldiers seized power from President Ali Bongo. The coup in Gabon was the latest in a series of military takeovers in Africa, and it has raised concerns about the stability of the continent.

In Cameroon, President Paul Biya has also made changes to his military leadership. Biya, who has been in power for over 40 years, has appointed new commanders to the army, navy, and air force.

The reshuffles in Rwanda and Cameroon are seen as a sign of the growing insecurity in Africa. The coups in Niger and Gabon have shown that no country is immune to the threat of military takeover, and the governments of Rwanda and Cameroon are taking steps to prevent similar events from happening in their countries.

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