FLOODING: Nigerian Engineers Call for Increased Dam Construction to Tackle Problem

The Nigeria Society of Engineers has appealed to the Federal Government to undertake the construction of additional dams along the River Niger and River Benue, in light of the imminent threat of flooding caused by the release of water from the Lagdo dam in Cameroon.

Frequent flooding has emerged as an ongoing challenge in certain regions, prompting the NSE to advocate for the implementation of new dam projects as a proactive measure to alleviate the devastating consequences of such inundations.

Flooding has been a recurring calamity in Nigeria, resulting in significant human and economic losses. In response to this pressing issue, the NSE has stressed the urgent need for strategic infrastructure development. By constructing more dams, the President of the NSE Tasiu Gidari-Wudil believes that the country can effectively address the impact of floods and safeguard vulnerable communities.

The release of water from the Lagdo dam, located upstream in Cameroon, has been identified as a potential catalyst for heightened flooding in Nigerian territories along the River Niger and River Benue. Recognizing this imminent threat, the NSE has emphasized the necessity of bolstering Nigeria’s resilience against flooding through the construction of additional dams.

The proposed construction projects would serve as critical flood control mechanisms, enabling better regulation of water flow during times of heavy rainfall. By strategically positioning dams along the River Niger and River Benue, the adverse effects of flooding can be mitigated, protecting lives, homes, and vital infrastructure.

Moreover, the NSE’s call for increased dam construction aligns with a broader vision of sustainable development, recognizing the potential of such infrastructure to support irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and improved water resource management. These additional benefits underscore the long-term advantages of investing in dam projects in Nigeria.

As the frequency and severity of floods continue to rise, the NSE’s appeal to the Federal Government carries significant weight. By prioritizing the construction of more dams, Nigeria can fortify its defenses against flooding, enhance disaster preparedness, and foster sustainable growth in the face of climate-related challenges.

This call to action seeks to mitigate the impact of floods, protect vulnerable communities, and facilitate sustainable development in Nigeria.

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