ECOWAS Working to Restore Constitutional Order in Niger

The President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Omar Alieu Touray, has said ECOWAS is working towards an amicable solution to restore constitutional order in Niger.

He said this on Friday when addressing the international press on the political situation in Niger Republic

“We are very concerned about the recent developments in Niger,” President Touray said. “We believe that the only way to resolve this crisis is through dialogue and compromise.”

He assured the citizens of Niger that ECOWAS is committed to their economic prosperity and social welfare. “We believe that their aspirations can only be met through democratic means and participatory governance,” he said.

President Touray called on all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and to work towards a peaceful resolution. He also urged the international community to support ECOWAS’ efforts to restore constitutional order in Niger.


Niger has been in political turmoil since the military overthrew President Mohammed Bazoum on July 26, 2023. The coup leaders, who have called themselves the Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP), have promised to hold elections within 12 months, but there is growing international pressure for them to step down immediately.

ECOWAS has been leading mediation efforts to resolve the crisis. In June 2023, the bloc-imposed sanctions on the CNSP, including a travel ban and asset freeze.

The sanctions have had little impact, and the CNSP has shown no signs of stepping down. The political situation in Niger remains volatile, and there is a risk of further violence.

ECOWAS is determined to restore constitutional order in Niger. The bloc has a long history of intervening in political crises in its member states, and it is unlikely to back down in this case.

The international community is also concerned about the situation in Niger. The United Nations Security Council has called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, and the United States has imposed its own sanctions on the CNSP.

The future of Niger is uncertain, but ECOWAS is determined to restore constitutional order. The bloc has a strong track record of success in resolving political crises, and it is likely to prevail in this case.

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