Owner of Pakistan cable car arrested by police on negligence charges.

Police in Pakistan have arrested the owner of a cable car that left eight people stranded and dangling over a ravine when it malfunctioned.

The incident in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sparked a massive rescue operation lasting more than 12 hours.

Officers detained Gul Zareen on multiple charges, including endangering valuable lives and negligence.

The arrest comes after a child who was trapped in the chair-lift said he feared “it was over” during the ordeal.

“When the chairlift was halfway there, its rope broke. It was dangling and I was terrified,” Attaullah Shah said.

A military chopper rescued one trapped child, while zip line experts recovered the rest of the group after dark.

The group had been on their way to school when two of the car’s cables snapped.

It was left hanging precariously 274m (900ft) above the ground and in high winds.


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