Idoma/Igedes of Benue Allege Political Marginalization

Stakeholders from Zone C of Benue state, comprising the Idoma and Igede ethnic groups, have decried political marginalization in the state.

The stakeholders, who spoke at a press conference at the weekend in Abuja said that they are “highly agitated” by the fact that another Tiv person is being considered for a ministerial position.

They argued that the Idoma and Igede people have been marginalized in the state for too long, and that they deserve a fair share of political representation.

The stakeholders called on President Bola Tinubu to intervene and ensure that the next minister from Benue state is from Zone C.

They also urged the president to look into the issue of political marginalization in Benue and to take steps to address it.

The Idoma and Igede people make up a significant portion of the population of Benue state, but they have been underrepresented in government for many years.


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