ECOWAS Parliament to hold next session in Ghanaian community to foster regional integration

The next Extraordinary Session of the ECOWAS Parliament will be held in Winneba, Ghana, a move that is aimed at fostering regional integration and inclusion.

The Leader of the Ghanaian delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament, Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin, said that hosting the session in Winneba will help to bring ECOWAS to the people and to market the region to the world.

“The whole idea of integration is to take governance to the very doorstep of the people,” Afenyo-Markin said. “Anytime we host international programmes, we concentrate on the capital city and members do not get the opportunity to travel out of the capital city.

“So one, to bring the governance right to the door step of the very people we govern, and two, to also create that opportunity for the region for putting it on the visibility map creates a positive uptake for development.”

Afenyo-Markin said that hosting the session in Winneba will also help to boost tourism and economic development in the region.

“We have sixteen regions in Ghana and Winneba is a municipality within the central region of Ghana,” he said. “Taking the conference there, the session there with all the participants will market the region, the constituency, the city which is a coastal city for greater opportunities.”

He urged other parliamentarians to follow suit and plan with their governments to open the region to the world.

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