Niger Coup a Setback for Democracy in West Africa

The Federal Government of Nigeria has condemned in the strongest terms the coup d’etat in the Republic of Niger that ousted the Administration of the democratically elected President of the country, His Excellency Mohamed Bazoum on Wednesday, 26th July, 2023.

The coup was carried out by elements of the presidential guard, who surrounded the presidential palace and detained the President. It is unclear at this time what the motivations of the coup plotters are, but it is clear that this unconstitutional change of government is unacceptable.

Nigeria has a long history of close ties with Niger, and the two countries have worked together to address a number of common challenges, including security, economic development, and climate change. The coup in Niger is a setback for these efforts, and it is important that the international community work together to restore democracy and stability to the country.

Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu has said that coups will no longer be tolerated in West Africa. In a statement, Tinubu said that the coup in Niger is “a clear violation of the will of the people” and that it “will not be allowed to stand.”

Tinubu called on the military authorities in Niger to release President Bazoum and his family members, and to return the country to constitutional order immediately. He also called on the international community to support Nigeria’s efforts to restore democracy in Niger.

The coup in Niger is a reminder of the fragility of democracy in West Africa. It is important that the international community work together to support democratic institutions and processes in the region, and to prevent future coups.

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