ELECTION MANAGEMENT: TAF Africa calls on Nigeria’s President to invest in electoral reforms.

TAF Africa, a leading organization promoting the rights and well being of persons with disability in Africa and around the world, has urged Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu to prioritize electoral reforms. In an interview on Thursday in Abuja, CEO Jake Epelle emphasized the need to address the issues that arose during the last general election. He stressed the importance of fixing these problems to ensure a fair and inclusive electoral process.
He spoke on the sidelines of a meeting for the review and validation of a political inclusion index tool.

The political inclusion index tool aims to assess the performance of various institutions involved in elections, including electoral management bodies, security agencies, political parties, and the media, in terms of including persons with disabilities. Programmes Manager Olayemi Samuel highlighted the significance of this tool in promoting inclusivity and ensuring that all citizens have equal access to participate in the democratic process.

TAF Africa’s call for electoral reforms comes in light of recent attacks on the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) over its report on irregularities in Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential election.

TAF Africa emphasized the importance of recognizing these flaws and working towards comprehensive electoral reforms for future credibility.

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