Nigerian human rights group condemns attacks on EU Election Observation Mission.

CHRICED, a Nigerian human rights and civic education organization, has strongly condemned the recent attacks on the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) over its report on the irregularities in Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential election.

The organization expressed dismay at the ill-tempered press statement from the Presidency denouncing the EU EOM report, stating that it gives the impression that current power holders are unwilling to learn from the key reform-related lessons of the election. CHRICED emphasized the importance of the electoral process and called on those claiming to be democrats and progressives to accept the flaws and work towards comprehensive electoral reforms.

The organization supported the EU EOM report, stating that it is consistent with the observations made by credible civil society organizations and called for a collective effort to clean up Nigeria’s elections for future credibility.

The EU EOM report highlighted widespread flaws and irregularities in the 2023 elections, including orchestrated violence in states like Rivers, Lagos, Imo, and Abia. It stated that the flawed process led to widespread public disappointment and concerns about increasing voter disenchantment.

The report not only identified the issues but also provided practical recommendations for relevant Nigerian institutions and society. CHRICED acknowledged the importance of these recommendations and called for patriotic individuals and organizations to champion the needed reforms for free, fair, and credible elections in the future.

The attacks on the EU EOM by vested interest groups masquerading as civil society organizations were strongly condemned by CHRICED.

The organization emphasized the long-standing partnership between the EU and Nigeria in deepening democracy and highlighted the contributions the EU has made over the years. CHRICED criticized the ill-advised press statement from the Presidency, stating that it dismisses the EU’s contributions and shows a lack of willingness to address the flaws in Nigeria’s electoral system.

The organization called for a shift from grandstanding and sophistry to accepting the flaws and working towards meaningful reforms.

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