Paris riots: Suburban mayor’s wife hurt as rioters attack their home.

Attackers in France tried to set fire to the home of a suburban Paris mayor’s home overnight and fired rockets at the official’s fleeing wife and children.

The incident has caused widespread shock and is being treated as attempted murder. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne described it as intolerable.

Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun was not at home, but his wife suffered a broken leg and a child was also hurt.

France has seen violent protests after police killed a teenager on Tuesday.

The suspects in the incident in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, south of Paris, have not been identified.

Mr Jeanbrun said he had been in his office overseeing the situation when the attack on his home occurred at 01:30 (23:30 GMT on Saturday).

The attackers used a car to ram through the gates of their home before setting the vehicle on fire so that the blaze would spread to the house, the mayor said in a statement.

Then when his wife, Melanie Nowak, tried to flee with the children, aged five and seven, they were attacked with firework rockets. Ms Nowak suffered a broken leg. One of the children was also injured.

Mayor Jeanbrun called it “a murder attempt of unspeakable cowardice”.


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