French President to hold crisis talks as hundreds arrested in France riots.

At least 667 people are arrested as clashes between police and protesters in France continued for a third night.
In Paris, shops have been ransacked and cars set on fire despite a heavy police presence. 40,000 officers were deployed across France.
French President Emmanuel Macron will hold another crisis meeting with ministers after calling the protest violence “unjustifiable”.
PM Elisabeth Borne says “all options” are being considered, when asked if a state of emergency is being contemplated.
The unrest began on Tuesday after police shot dead a 17-year-old boy of Algerian descent, named as Nahel M, as he drove away from a traffic stop.
The officer who shot Nahel has apologised to the family. He has been charged with voluntary homicide and his lawyer says he is “devastated”.
The teen’s death has revived grievances about policing and racial profiling in France’s suburbs.

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