Flash floods hit Abuja neighbourhoods.

Massive floods tore through the Lokogoma area of Nigeria’s Capital City, Abuja on Friday morning after heavy rains fell for hours.

At Trademore Estate, Lugbe (along the Airport Road), a video appears to show several houses submerged by the floods. A man is also seen in the video sitting on top of what appears to be a fence as flood waters raged all around him.

The video also shows vehicles which had got trapped in the waters.

Abuja has seen some devastating floods in recent years with some casualties.

The Nigeria Meteorological Agency had in January warned Nigerians to prepare for earlier than normal onset of rainfall in most parts of the country.

It also said peak rainfall would be between July and September, noting that due to high soil moisture, there would be flash floods in cities, while people living in flood-prone areas would experience riverine flood.

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