Nigeria to host two-day seminar on curbing proliferation of ballistic missiles.

Nigeria has been chosen to host a two-day African seminar on The Hague Code of Conduct, which aims to curb the proliferation of ballistic missiles. The event will take place in Abuja from 22nd – 23rd June 2023 and will bring together representatives from 30 English-speaking African countries.

The theme of the seminar is “Dealing with Missile Proliferation: Security and Arms Control Perspective”. The event will provide a platform for experts, policymakers and diplomats to engage in in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas aimed at addressing the various aspects of The Hague Code of Conduct.

During the seminar, participants will explore strategies to prevent the illicit transfer of ballistic missile technology, strengthen non-proliferation measures, and enhance transparency in missile-related activities. The importance of international cooperation in enforcing the provisions of The Hague Code of Conduct and fostering peaceful resolutions to conflicts related to ballistic missiles, will also take centre stage in the deliberations.

It is therefore, expected that the Seminar will reinforce the commitment of African countries to upholding international norms and strengthening regional security frameworks.

Nigeria’s hosting of this landmark event reaffirms its commitment to the collective efforts geared towards creating a safer future for the African Continent and the world at large. The event will provide a unique opportunity for participating African nations and their International Partners to work collaboratively towards safeguarding regional stability.

The seminar is expected to be a success, with experts, policymakers and diplomats coming together to address the challenges posed by ballistic missiles and to find ways to strengthen regional security frameworks.

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