Egypt’s core inflation rises to 40.3% in May

Egypt’s annual core inflation rose to 40.3% in May from 38.6% in April, data from the central bank showed on Sunday.

Inflation has risen sharply over the last year in Egypt after a series of currency devaluations, a prolonged shortage of foreign currency, and continuing delays in getting imports into the country.

Month on month, it increased to 2.9% in May from 1.7% in April, the data showed.

Egypt has devalued its currency by half since March 2022 after the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine exposed its economic vulnerabilities.

The IMF in December approved a $3 billion Extended Fund Facility loan for Egypt, which will be disbursed over 46 months.

In its December accord with the IMF, Egypt also promised to sell state assets worth billions of dollars over the next four years.

It has made no major sales since the signing, though the central bank has raised its overnight interest rates by 500 basis points.


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