Nigeria’s electoral system: CSOs want ‘Resident Electoral Commissioner’ position scrapped.

The Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room has recommended several changes to the country’s electoral system ahead of the 2027 General Elections. The group called for the elimination of the position of Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) and the appointment of State Directors of Elections to replace them. Ene Obi, the Convener of the Situation Room on Thursday in Abuja also suggested the unbundling of INEC, the establishment of an Electoral Offences Commission and Tribunal, a Political Parties Registration and Regulation Commission, and an agency to handle constituency delimitation. The Civil Society Situation Room emphasized the need for critical issues to be included in proposed amendments to the Constitution, such as early voting for election day workers, independent candidacy, and voting by Nigerians in Diaspora. They noted that these changes would promote inclusiveness in the electoral process and conform to international principles for democratic elections. Situation Room also said any future amendments to election legislation should be enacted well in advance of elections. This would provide political parties, candidates, and voters with adequate time to become informed of the new rules of the election process.

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