South African party to challenge Ramaphosa’s plans to classify inquiry findings on ‘Lady R’

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has expressed its intention to challenge any plans by President Cyril Ramaphosa to classify the findings of an inquiry into whether arms were loaded onto a Russian ship last year.

This after the Presidency announced that the report will not be publicised.

Last month, President Ramaphosa appointed a panel to probe claims made by the US ambassador to South Africa Reuben Brigety that a Russian ship had taken weapons and ammunition on board in the Western Cape.

Party leader John Steenhuisen says, “I cannot imagine why you would keep the terms of reference classified and why you would not be prepared to release the report. It is very clear that this report is paid for by public money. It is being funded by the public purse, therefore the report should naturally be made public. Additionally, how do we, parliamentarians, hold those responsible accountable if we are not furnished with the report? We have a duty to hold the executive accountable.”


Image: Reuters

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