Nigerian Presidential candidate calls on labour unions to reconsider strike action.

Presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress, Dumebi Kachikwu, has urged the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to reconsider their plan for a nationwide strike. Mr. Kachikwu advised the NLC to assess the issues surrounding the removal of fuel subsidy before taking any action. He stated that subsidy, oil theft and bunkering were some of the organised crimes committed against Nigeria and her people.

Mr. Kachikwu also pointed out that corrupt practices in the oil and gas sector have made individuals involved in these crimes richer than most state governments.

He emphasized that identifying and prosecuting these individuals is crucial to ending the cycle of corruption.

The presidential candidate’s statement titled “Pain and Gain” highlights the need for the government to take action against those involved in corrupt practices. He believes that President Bola Tinubu must put an end to the NLC plan and focus on tackling corruption in the oil and gas sector.

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